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Canadian Social Values

Artigo interessante que encontrei no site da Canadian Marketing Association

Vale à pena refletir para aqueles que estão considerando a mudança de país.  Bastante diferente de alguns valores da sociedade brasileira.

Obs: Macleans é a "Veja" de lá.

Canadian Social Values - Dominant Themes in Canadian Culture
Defining Value #3
“One difference between Americans and Canadians is that Americans are still waiting to win the lottery. Canadians live as if they have already won the lottery.” Michael Adams, Fire and Ice, 2003.
20% of Canadians cite Quality of Life as top source of pride in being Canadian. (Macleans Canada Day Survey 2006).Quality of Life is one of Canadians’ key defining values.
Quality of life, simply put, refers to how good life is. People throughout the centuries, and in various parts of the world, have defined quality in their lives in rather distinct ways.
Among developed countries, certain variables are consistent in defining quality of life – life expectancy, purchasing power, literacy and education, housing, employment, finances. Against these variables, in study after study, Canada has always landed in the top ranks. For example, in the 2009 Mercer Consulting annual Quality of Living Survey among 215 cities, Vancouver ranked 4th and Toronto ranked 15th. In all of the Americas, Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary dominated the top spots.
Where does this come from?
• Canada is endowed with nature’s majesty, in lakes, mountains, fields in our backyard. Our physical closeness to nature likely inspires a more mellow approach to life and living.
• Since after the Great Depression, Canada instituted policies that would ensure that its people maintained certain standards of living - pensions, health care, protection from unemployment and other social support. Having a secure safety net gives people a certain reassurance that no matter what goes wrong, all will be well; in general, people have less to be anxious and stressed about. Unencumbered, people pursue a certain way of living that is more attuned to relationships, connections, rather than simply getting ahead in a rat race.
Points of Evidence
Macleans annual Canada Day poll offers up interesting proof points about Canadians’ distinct version of quality of life.
For Canadians, there is more to life than work: Canadians place A REWARDING CAREER behind Freedom; Family Life; Being Loved and Being Canadian on their list of things that they value the most. (Macleans Canada Day Poll 2006)
Asked which activities they enjoy most, Canadians cite: A nice meal with my partner; Having a few hours for myself.(Macleans Canada Day Poll 2006)
Canadians believe that Experiences, not Things, make one happy. When asked, what is the best thing that happened to you in the past year, milestones such as weddings, births, pregnancies, vacations, graduations rose to the top of the lists. Moving into a new house or getting a new car sat at the bottom of the list of best things. (Macleans Canada Day Poll 2006)
Canadians don’t care for keeping up with the Joneses. 29% of Canadians say it’s important that people admire the things they own, compared with 36% of Americans. (Fire and Ice, Michael Adams)

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  2. Oi Lu, gostei muito deste post. Eu trabalho com marketing e meu mestrado foi em psicologia social trabalhando justamente com valores. É muito interessante comparar as diferenças entre as culturas e ao contrário do que muita gente pensa, os valores americanos são bem diferentes dos canadenses... Vou linkar seu post na seção li em um blog ok?


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